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Selecting the Right Disposable Glove

When it comes to protective gloves, there is a whole array of products available from latex gloves for medical use, through to industrial gloves for protection in more dangerous and challenging environments.

It can be difficult to know which is the right glove to use, when to use and in what industry, so we’ve put together a helpful Glove Selection Guide to help make the selection easier.

Latex Gloves

A popular choice for use in the medical, dental, industrial and food industries – all our latex gloves meet medical and governmental standards for use in these practices. Made from natural rubber, latex gloves are durable and offer a high level of protection against high risk and infectious materials, although they shouldn’t be used with high levels of strong chemicals. Latex fits like a second skin, making them comfortable and providing good touch sensitivity and dexterity to the wearer too.

Nitrile Gloves

Made from a synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves are a great alternative for wearers who suffer from latex allergies. With higher puncture and chemical resistance than latex or vinyl, these are the perfect glove for use in medical, dental, veterinary or industrial environments. They are designed to provide the same sensitivity and dexterity to latex gloves, but are often preferred for added protection.

Vinyl Gloves

These are also latex-free, but not as durable as the nitrile glove. They are commonly used in the food preparation, cleaning, hairdressing, engineering, automotive and care home industry. They still offer strength and durability, but don’t have the same tactile properties of latex or nitrile making them less appropriate for uses where touch sensitivity is required.

Gauntlet Gloves

These gloves offer full protection of the forearm and beyond, and are good for use in situations where the entire arm needs covering, such as medical, midwifery, industrial, manufacturing and veterinary use. They come in the option of polythene or latex depending on the use required.

High Risk Gloves

These are for use in high risk environments such as industrial or chemical industries, as well as pest control or medical sectors, where there is a requirement for extra protection, durability and strength in a glove.

PVC Gloves

These have similar properties to the vinyl gloves, but are cream or clear coloured. They are also latex free, so great for users with allergies too. They provide more elasticity, durability and touch sensitivity than the vinyl glove, so are perfect for use in a number of industries such as medical, dental, automotive, engineering and manufacturing.

Sterile Gloves

Perfect for use in the medical, dental, veterinary and food industries where hygiene and contamination is of the utmost importance. These gloves are available in latex, nitrile or vinyl depending on the level of protection required and if the user has a latex allergy.

Industrial Gloves

Designed to be hard-wearing and withstand extreme conditions for industrial, engineering, rigging and manual work, industrial gloves offer the perfect level of protection in these environments. Depending on the nature of the work, they come with a range of features including rubber, nitrile or latex coating for added grip.

Polythene Gloves

These plastic gloves provide a basic level of protection to users, but are not suitable for medical use, unless stated. They’re an ideal alternative to latex gloves and are cost effective for frequent use too in the food preparation industry, care homes, cleaning and hairdressing industries.

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