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Latex Gloves

Black and Blue Disposable Latex Gloves

Here at The Glove Club, we have a diverse selection of latex gloves for sale, all of which boast high levels of quality at competitive prices. So long as you do not suffer from a latex allergy, it is likely that these gloves will be suitable for your requirements, as they boast a number of beneficial attributes that make them popular across a wide range of industries.

Natural and versatile

Unlike nitrile and vinyl, latex gloves are made from natural materials and many will agree that they lead the way in terms of dexterity and comfort as they have a high level of touch sensitivity and fit like a second skin. Most latex gloves are lightly powdered, which makes them easy to put on. They are also highly durable, strong and very elastic, and thus they can be worn for an extended amount of time without losing their effectiveness. Many people also go down this route because latex is biodegradable and, therefore, this is the most environmentally friendly option.

Comfortable Protection in a wide range of industries

As mentioned, latex gloves are used in many different industries, yet they are particularly popular for those seeking a protective glove, either in industrial or medical use. In regards to medical use, contamination can be a serious concern when it comes to the relationship and contact between caregivers and patients, and the use of latex gloves can go a long way to safeguarding both parties. If you handle infectious materials and work in high-risk situations, latex is a choice that is worth considering. These gloves are also popular as a household utensil for cleaning and handling related chemicals. This is because you benefit from the protection required without the essential touch to feel sensations being compromised.

No matter what type of industry you work in, you can be confident that we have the latex gloves you require. We have a wide range of colours, sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from, as well as both powdered and powder free gloves all at exceptionally competitive prices with free delivery on all orders , so why not browse below to find exactly the gloves you need?
Latex Gloves

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