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Plastic Aprons

Our disposable plastic aprons are made from a fluid-resistant polythene. They help to form an effective infection control strategy and also help to protect clothing from spills and splashes during cleaning or medical procedures.

At the Glove Club we stock a wide range of polythene aprons available in different thicknesses, colours, lengths and dispensing formats. We also stock a heavy duty aprons for tasks that require more protection.

The Dispensing Formats

Flat Pack aprons are packed in a self dispensing packaging, they are cheaper than ones packed on a roll.

Aprons on roll in conjunction with a wall mounted dispenser are the easiest and cleanest way of dispensing aprons. The chance of cross contamination is much lower using this format.

Heavy duty aprons are made from PVC and are 330 microns in thickness to offer a much stronger level of preotection.